I want to advertise my business on this website.

If you are interested in advertising your business, please contact us.

How do I start a new thread?

To start a new thread, go inside a forum by clicking on the appropriate forum name.

For example this is the link to the General Warriors Discussion :

Once you are inside the forum, there is a button on the right hand side at the top that says "Post New Thread"

Click on that.

How do I change my username?

So you accidently signed up on the site with your real name? Or want a username change?

Simply contact tajhay or toiletduck with your new preferred username and we will change it for you.

How do I bookmark a post for future reference?

Hover over the post you want to "bookmark". At the bottom you will see a link to "bookmark" it. You will then be presented an option to categorise your bookmarks if you so wish, and whether to make the bookmark public or not. If set to public, anyone viewing your profile will be able to see all the posts you have bookmarked.

To find a post you have previously bookmarked, goto your account, and they will all be presented to you under "Your Bookmarks".

Good usage of bookmarks are your tips at the start of the year for example.

How do I block/ignore someone?

You are able to ignore a poster if it enhances your time on this website. If you choose to ignore a poster:
1) They will not know that you are blocking their posts
2) Their posts will not be shown to you. You are however able to view 'ignored' posts if you choose to.

This functionality is pretty useful if you find some posters to be annoying, or simply not bringing much value to the forums especially if you are time poor.

To ignore someone, simply hover over your username, and then click on 'People you Ignore'
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You will be presented with a page to enter in the username you choose to ignore, and then save the changes.
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Thats it! The person's forum posts will now be shown to you.
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