I dont like how my posts are being moderated!

Don't like how a situation has been handled? You can escalate it by contacting us, where you will be given a proper chance to explain the situation.

How do I create a spoiler?

Use the following code as the template.
[SPOILER=Title goes here.]Text which you want to be hidden and revealed.[/SPOILER]
It will output as:
Text which you want to be hidden and revealed.

Do I need to link an news article I copied and pasted off a website?


Always post a link to the article that you copy, whether the copy is in full or part.

Can I post a link to a website / facebook group I am affiliated with?

Short answer No.

If your main intention of signing onto this website is to post a link to your website / facebook group page, please be warned that it will be deleted and you will be banned. However special consideration is given to members of the site who contribute to discussions, or if the link is New Zealand Warriors / Rugby League related. If in doubt, always contact us.
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