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    The article about the Warriors going backwards under Cappy hit the nail on the head. We can talk about a long term plan raising the standard. I certainly advocated that at the beginning of the season. But have we raised the standard? Results are not showing. Are there other indications? Let's look at each player individually:

    RTS-injured, so can't say. Took a while to get going, but when he did his stats were high.
    Manu-Lots of injury but did not bounce back as well as he has in the past. Positives starting to get outweighed by negatives. Scored less than 10 tries for the first time this year.
    Kata-high try-scorer. Defence improved. IMO he's not going to set his winger up much which means he should be a winger.
    Ayshford-Solid enough. Not going to win a game for you but is an adequate stop-gap while we look for a better centre.
    Konrad-Goes to Titans and is now back in the finals after showing great form. Need I say more?
    Fusitua-the only problem with this guy is he seems to excel at everything he does. Excellent wing or centre.
    Robson-Was a logical recruitment: an organiser who could compliment SJ's running game. The combo didn't work though. was past his time.
    Leuluai-Was injured for a lot of his tenure and that caused inconsistency at 6. 6 shouldn't have to be a strong defender, but he is. Noted defenders mask the weaknesses of others. Mannering and Leuluai do this for us. But it means we lose creativity in their positions.
    Lolohea-not a FB obviously. Wasted on the wing. Should have been at 6 all year to take over from Leuluai.
    SJ-For the last 2 years has been transforming his game. Has put away the flashy plays and tries to be an organizer. Only see his brilliance when our backs are against the wall. Is this Cappy making him do the hard yards to become a complete player?
    Lilyman-his standard has lowered over the past 2 years. Can still produce under pressure. But is probably in his last 2 years before retirement.
    Matulino- Gets a lot of shit from this forum. And his form hasn't been good this year. Started off not too bad tbh. Did the awful 6 saga affect him too much?
    Vete-Had quite a solid year. Gets the dropsies a bit at vital times. But I think he was the most improved of the props.
    Lisone-Has yawning gaps in his defence. Small but can make big dents through sheer effort. A trier. Seen him go backwards too against bigger packs.
    Gubb-Good bench player. Always gives his all. An honest player.
    T.Sipley-haven't seen enough of him, but didn't disgrace himself. No obvious work-ons.
    Tevaga-solid, reliable player. A keeper.
    Roache-dynamic off the bench. I reckon he works well rotating with Tevaga.
    Hoffman-His usual professional self. Hard worker, leader, average attacker, fierce defender.
    Thompson-The best forward this year IMO. Attacks well and defends well.
    Mannering-Solid as ever. The glue.
    Wright/Allwood-Can go home. Not needed.

    If you look at it we have a huge amount of young players sprinkled with experience around them. You could say we are in a huge development phase. What is the answer to our woes?

    I think the hard thing is not knowing the mind of the management team. What are their long term goals? Is Cappy making ludicrous decisons because there is a bigger goal they are working towards? Is changing coach again going to affect players negatively or are they just too pussy to say what they really think? Is he just not a good coach yet? Do we bring coaches into Fg too early these days? Why did Friendy, Paasi and Konnie make finals this year, but not with us?

    We harp on about weird team selections and bench plays but Ivan made some strange choices too with Hohaia, Berrigan, Inu, Witt. BUT, every year we improved. So far every year we've declined under Cappy.

    Glaring coaching errors: Lolohea not being used off the bench. Lolohea being used at FB after proving time and time again he can't catch the high ball and he is slow to get back in defence. Couldn't coach a fit Hurrell and let the most promising forwards (RFM and Taukeiaho) go elsewhere, who is now reaching his potential somewhere else. Every season we start the last quarter in the 8 and somehow lose from there on in. Cappy has repeatedly ended interviews with " I don't what the answer is" or some shit like that.

    Conclusion: Cappy doesn't have the answers. But the players are saying they don't want 'change'. That means they might know the coach isn't the best, but they are committed to the big picture. If we are committed to long term gain for short term pain, then we have to stay the course with Cappy. We're going to have to endure more pain. Because I believe we've had to blood a heck of a lot of young guys. And that is why we suck. Next year Kata, Fusitua, Maumalo, Lisone, Vete, Lolohea, Gubb, Roache, Tevaga will be a year wiser. Hopefully RTS and SJ won't get seriously injured.
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    Jun 21, 2012

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    Warriors: Who is best value for money?

    Monday, 05 September 2016
    By Dale Budge

    These player ratings are not your typical assessment of a player's contribution to the season. They are based on the player's performance relative to the portion of the salary cap that player takes up.

    NZME's Dale Budge breaks it down.

    Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - D

    The reigning Dally M Fullback of the year made only a handful of appearances at the beginning of the season before going down with a season-ending knee injury. His absence was notable and Warriors fans will be hoping their star fullback has more luck on the injury front next season.

    Tuimoala Lolohea - C-

    Lolohea failed to display the standard of consistency or attention to detail required at first grade level. He moved from position to position in the back-line as his form and confidence fluctuated and as injuries forced other players out. Lolohea has potential but needs to tidy up his game if he is to fulfil it.

    David Fusitua - B+

    Another player who found himself shuffling around the back-line but with more success than Lolohea. Fusitua started the season in reserve grade but became a guaranteed starter with his solid all-round play and tremendous finishing. Fusitua would win a most improved player award for the Warriors in 2016 and is in-line for a key role with the side next year.

    Manu Vatuvei - D

    The veteran winger hasn't been at his best this season as niggling injuries interrupted his season and his explosiveness showed signs of decline. His effort levels were certainly there after the mid-season Red Bull and pills saga but errors still plagued his game. His big salary, secured for the next two seasons, seems a major mistake by management as there are better options out there for that amount of cap space.

    Ken Maumalo - C

    Re-signed with the club during the season and finished the back half of the year as a first choice player. Carted the ball strongly but offers little else out wide. Errors were an issue for him at times and he was caught out by faster wingers too often. Will need to show serious improvement to become a consistent NRL winger.

    Jonathan Wright - C+

    Wright gets a lot of criticism from Warriors fans but he fulfilled his role based on the minimal amount of cap space he consumes. His role is a reserve grader that fills in when required in first grade. He displayed some solid displays but a poor showing against Cronulla, where he made a number of errors, cloud people's judgement. Wright is not the problem.

    Matthew Allwood - C+

    Like Wright Allwood's job is to fill-in when required. Like Wright Allwood did a solid job of that with limited opportunities. Another player that will not set the world on fire but he should not be the target of most scrutiny.

    Blake Ayshford - B-

    Ayshford enjoyed a pretty solid first season with the Warriors, rediscovering his try-scoring form on the Warriors right edge. He produced a couple of disappointing performances towards the end of the season and he lost his starting spot for the final games. Based on his salary, Ayshford has been a good signing for the Warriors. He will start 2017 as a back-up player befitting his cap space.

    Konrad Hurrell - D

    The powerful centre transferred mid-season to the Titans, which has worked out well for both the Warriors and Hurrell. The Tongan international turned up in better shape during the pre-season but had his work ethic questioned and discipline called into question one too many times for club management. Was involved in the Red Bull and pills saga and then bagged out coach Andrew McFadden before being shipped out. Has played well for the Titans in their run to the finals.

    Solomone Kata - A-

    Kata has enjoyed a very impressive season and established himself as the Warriors' first choice centre. The powerful Tongan international has a habit of running across field a little too much and he needs to be able to pass better to his winger but has been pretty solid defensively. He will be in the discussion for the club's player of the year.

    Jeff Robson - D

    Even with a modest salary Robson didn't provide what the Warriors were hoping for when they signed him. He made too many basic errors and lasted only a handful of games before coach McFadden was forced to make a change. He became surplus to requirements and was released on compassionate grounds to return to Sydney, where he linked up with the Eels.

    Thomas Leuluai - A-

    The Warriors will really miss Leuluai's ability to straighten the side's attack and his work ethic on defense. The Kiwis test veteran was moved to the halves early on and he became a key cog in the club's strong period through middle and later part of the season. While he fell off a few tackles in the last couple of games, Leuluai put his all into his campaign and will be another contender for player of the year honours.

    Shaun Johnson - D

    Johnson played every game this season but rarely was at 100 percent health. He spent the early part of the year coming back from a serious injury late last season and then picked up a nagging quad injury that limited his performances during the second half of the year. He struggled to find form behind a pack that failed to gain ascendency for the most part and copped significant criticism for the side's under-performance. The halfback needs a solid off-season and a lot more help from teammates to reach top form next year.

    Ata Hingano - B

    In a couple of games in first grade late in the season Hingano showed some promise. He was prepared to take the line on and was happy to get involved on attack. He made a couple of rookie errors as well but will be better for the experience. Looks the likely favourite to partner Johnson in the halves next year at this early stage.

    Issac Luke - C+

    The prize off-season recruit turned up badly out of shape and epitomized some of the lack of urgency that plagued the side's performances this season. To be fair he turned it around and looked more like the quality player we've come to know after the first six weeks or so. Provided some much-needed creativity around the ruck during the side's impressive run but got cut down by injury late in the season.

    Jazz Tevaga - B+

    Tevaga made an impressive introduction to first grade in sporadic appearances this year. Filled in admirably for Luke at hooker and worked hard as a small back-rower too. The Papakura junior provided a strong work ethic but probably needs to put on a small amount of bulk to be more effective.

    Nathaniel Roache - B-

    Roache got limited chances in first grade this year and was forced to move out to the backs on more than one occasion when injury struck others. Looked an attacking threat if the forwards were able to lay a reasonable platform but needs to improve his defense at first grade level. Still eligible for the Under 20s, Roache looks to be a player of the future.

    Jacob Lillyman - C-

    The Queensland Origin rep worked hard all season for the Warriors but has become less effective overall as the team's forward pack struggled to match the best sides. Lillyman is probably better suited to being a bench prop for one of the better sides these days rather than leading a slightly weaker pack like the Warriors. The loyal servant will play a final season for the Warriors in 2017.

    Ben Matulino - D

    Matulino has to be one of the big disappointments at the Warriors this season. At his best he is among the best props in the game but he failed to get anywhere near that this season. Was involved in the Red Bull and pills saga and at times appeared to lack enthusiasm. He heads into the off-season with a major question mark hovering over him. As a well-paid player and someone who should be in the prime of his career, the Warriors need a lot more out of him.

    Albert Vete - B

    The young prop showed some really promising signs as he continues to establish himself in first grade. His finish to the year was impressive giving hope that he might be able to step up even further in 2017. Got a bit a kick in the pants after his involvement in the pills saga but has shown enough effort to show that he can be a future leader of this side.

    James Gavet - C+

    The raw-boned prop had limited chances in first grade this year, which surprised some people. Gavet plays with an aggression that sets him apart from the other Warriors forwards. In his 10 games he often played only short stints but he would run hard and try to make an impact with his defense. The former Tigers and Broncos prop would be worth giving extra game time to in 2017.

    Sione Lousi - D

    Injury once again cut short his season and, in all likelihood, his time with the club. On a bigger salary than his role warrants, Lousi failed to make much on an impact and managed just the solitary game in first grade before another season-ending injury. His career has been plagued by serious injury and his 50 first grade games have been split across seven seasons. He is off-contract now.

    Toa Sipley - B

    The promising rookie got a couple of chances to showcase his ability in first grade and didn't look out of place. Surprisingly didn't get many more opportunities after his promising start. Sipley is another youngster that looks to be a player of tremendous promise.

    Charlie Gubb - C

    Gubb plays with plenty of aggression but is not effective in longer stints - really struggling on defense at the back end of his rotations on the field. Discipline is also a major concern though there did appear to be similar incidents this year that attracted significantly less punishment. The Warriors have taken up an option on Gubb for 2017 despite him wanting to chase a more lucrative deal elsewhere.

    Raymond Faitala-Mariner - C-

    Faitala-Mariner made just one appearance before he was essentially traded to the Bulldogs for Shaun Lane. The Warriors weren't using Faitala-Mariner in first grade so a swap of out-of-favour second rowers seemed a good idea. The move didn't really achieve anything as Lane barely saw first grade action either. Faitala-Mariner has been more of a success at the Bulldogs however.

    Shaun Lane - C-

    Lane made just the one first grade appearance after coming across mid-season from the Bulldogs. He didn't really cost the Warriors anything but they didn't achieve anything from the move either. Lane will move back to Sydney now and will link up with Manly for 2017.

    Ligi Sao - C-

    Sao has barely made any impact since arriving in Auckland after a spell at Manly. He got injured in the pre-season and managed just two first grade games in which he had no impact. The Warriors would have been hoping for more when they signed him and will need him to get in good shape this off-season.

    Sam Lisone - C

    Lisone played 21 games for the Warriors this season and showed signs of real promise but mixed that with some very poor errors of judgement. He gives away too many penalties and makes too many errors to be a solid first grade option at this point but the upside is apparent.

    Bodene Thompson - B+

    Thompson was caught up in the pills saga as well and missed a couple of games through injury. He proved a big loss when that happened and the Warriors are clearly a better side when he plays. He gives halfback Shaun Johnson a strong-running option on the right edge and works hard in attack. The Warriors need Thompson to become a leader of the side in 2017.

    Ryan Hoffman - C+

    The Warriors skipper certainly has the attitude the Warriors need but his own performances varied in quality throughout the season. He tried hard but made some crucial errors and missed some vital tackles for a player of his ability and the cap space he commands. The toll of the season's failure showed at times as he lost his cool with referees and it became counter-productive trying to engage them in conversation.

    Bunty Afoa - B+

    Afoa played in four first grade appearances and impressed in his small sample of first grade. He ran nicely off Shaun Johnson and worked hard without the ball. Afoa will surely get more opportunity next season having re-signed with the club late in the year.

    John Palavi - C-

    Palavi got three games in the top grade this year but was unable to cement a spot there or make much of an impact. He spent the rest of the season in NSW Cup and is another player off-contract at the end of the season and unlikely to return next year.

    Simon Mannering - A-

    Regardless of the standard around him Mannering continues to play at the same high level he has displayed for years. In some cases his performances in losing causes were even more staggering. Mannering looked more relaxed without the burden of captaincy this year. He will once again be the leading contender for the club's player of the year award. He deserves better from his teammates.

    Ben Henry - D

    The sad story of Ben Henry's first grade career came to an end in 2016 as yet another serious knee injury not only ruined his season in the first game of the year but also forced him into premature retirement. The hard-working and talented Henry deserved more luck but the game can be cruel at times.

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  3. mt.wellington
    Jun 21, 2012

    mt.wellington TRUST THE PROCESS? Contributor

    As far as value goes you'd have to give Albert Vete an A++ based on what he gets paid in comparison to Lillyman and Matulino...
  4. BeastMode
    Mar 7, 2015

    BeastMode Warriors 1st Grader

    Article lost all credibility when i saw who wrote it.
  5. eudebrito
    May 21, 2013

    eudebrito Warriors 1st Grader

    C'mon at least disagree with a point or two from it!

    I think the summations are pretty fair, but it gets subjective cos salaries aren't public knowledge.

    Mannerings the most consistent, but also up their on the wage scale... Would struggle to give any of them better than a b+
  6. BeastMode
    Mar 7, 2015

    BeastMode Warriors 1st Grader

    Benry & RTS a D???? you dont rate people who are injured and put them in the same bucket as Matulino and Lousi. They're N/A FFS.

    And SJ isnt a D either. As hopeless has he has been, he's won us more games than he's lost this season. Somewhere between C- and C is fair.

    And no one in the team deserves an A. Mannering is a B+ at best. His decision to give away captaincy should be counted in his grade.

    Kata isnt an A either. The amount of selfish plays he's made this year counts against him.

    Thats all I have to say about that article.

    The whole team and the coach are a C-
  7. diehard
    Jan 27, 2016

    diehard 1st Grade Fringe

    Thought it was pretty good. Well done.
  8. Waiting For Premiership
    Jun 11, 2012

    Waiting For Premiership 1st Grade Fringe

    And SJ isnt a D either. As hopeless has he has been, he's won us more games than he's lost this season.Somewhere between C- and C is fair ...D is all he deserves , totally garbage imo , hopefully a new coach can kick his arse to wake up or ship him on !!! Always excuses for SJ , forwards not doing their job, oh hes injured , Chad was,nt a good foil Robinson was no use either . Christ Bully had a bet with to challange him to see who would take the line on more...... Issac won hands down and i think Ata came 2nd. Freddy was right he just dos'nt want to get his jersey dirty.
  9. pantera nhl
    Apr 12, 2016

    pantera nhl Warriors Bench Player

    As they are a team
    An F grade
  10. Ever Hopeful
    Feb 24, 2013

    Ever Hopeful 1st Grade Fringe Contributor

    The best improvement of the season for me was Kata's defence. The biggest question mark for me coming into this season was the defence of our midfield/flanks. I had not expected Kata to kick on, but he was immense. I'd much rather an up and coming player get the D right before working on attack and Kata has come up trumps. We certainly noticed when he wasn't around.

    Other highlights for me: Fusitu'a, Vete, Sipley and Hingano having good debuts, super-sub Roache.

    Disappointment of the season: Janfin - constantly missed the mark all season
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  11. facefacts
    Apr 26, 2012

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    Johnson a gets a D...:rolleyes:

    Stopped reading after that.

    Kata has really impressed, and he's a rare Warriors back who knows not to pass the ball to a player in a worse position than yourself.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Vete has a quiet 2017, but it also wouldn't surprise me if he goes to another level...exciting player.

    Our second/back row are premiership quality who are constantly trying to drag the rest of the team up to their level...good luck.

    Tui's not a fullback, been saying it for a long time....he's also not a half, been saying that for just as long. The kid should have played wing all season, but instead he was lumped with the pressure of being mr fix it...poor coaching.

    Johnson has some pretty bloody good stats for the season behind a pretty average team that is poorly coached...poor bloke has never had a good first grade coach.

    Matulino and Lillyman aren't terrible, they do their jobs fairly well they just lack the motivation to put in that extra effort, and it's that extra effort that makes the difference...which can be said about the team in general.

    Vatuvei...same old same.

    Maumalo...joke winger, or should i say *another.
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  12. Sledge
    Apr 10, 2016

    Sledge 1st Grade Fringe

    Thought Dale Budge summed it up nicely, shite year really
  13. bruce
    Sep 1, 2015

    bruce Warriors 1st Grader Contributor

    Play the ball and not the man, the article stacks up IMO. He didn't rate Cappy though. He is F- for sure and should be the first out the door.
  14. Lord Gnome of Howick MBE
    Apr 30, 2012

    Lord Gnome of Howick MBE Warriors 1st Grader

    No, he is a c.
  15. Play The Ball
    Jun 8, 2015

    Play The Ball 1st Grade Fringe

    I tried to make this about value for money hence Johnson getting a D. Not entirely his fault - injury and lack of help contributed significantly. I have written a number of stories defending Johnson from criticism this year too so I'm not trying to blame him for the issues. He is not the problem with the Warriors IMO but based on his salary the return was pretty ordinary. Likewise with RTS - not his fault he got injured but the return on the investment was minimal given the circumstances. The idea of the article and ratings was to see what sort of return from the investment the club got this year.
  16. Play The Ball
    Jun 8, 2015

    Play The Ball 1st Grade Fringe

    His salary doesn't count towards the cap so I left him out. Fair to say it wouldn't have been a high mark had he been included.
  17. rugged
    May 1, 2012

    rugged 1st Grade Fringe

    Pretty good list. Fus would have to be an A if not an A+ for me, he was very good this season.

    Also think Tommy may be viewed through rose tinted glasses, had a long injury lay off and then took quite a bit of time to get into his work. He did have a period of about 6 games when he looked very good, he would be a b or a b- for me
  18. InsideBall
    Oct 24, 2012

    InsideBall Warriors 1st Grader

    Most of those gradings I'd agree with, some a pretty whack, but that's to be expected.

    We desperately need to clear some of those players out...
  19. eudebrito
    May 21, 2013

    eudebrito Warriors 1st Grader

    Been keeping track of the forum player rating results, same as last year, this is just by the numbers of what people rated, and they go like:

    Forward of the year and Player of the year | Simon Mannering | 6.8 | he’s good. Runner up Bodene Thompson 6.6
    Back of the year | David Fusitua | 6.8 | He’s good too, runner up Solomone Kata 6.3
    Mr Consistent, least difference in performance | Ryan Hoffman | Var. 1.3
    Mr Inconsistent, was good, was bad, was all over the show | Shaun Johnson | Var. 4.6 (no surprises there)
    Best performance by a back | David Fusitua, rd 15 vs Knights | 9.0
    Best performance by a forward | Bodene Thompson Rd 7 vs Bulldogs | 9.1
    Worst performance by a back | Tuimoala Lolohea, rd 23 vs Rabbitohs | 1.3
    Worst performance by a forward | Ben Matulino, rd 26 vs Eels | 1.9 (maybe just a tiny bit of hyperbole in that rating)
    Biggest improver from first half of the season | Thomas Leuluai | + 1.3
    Fell off the most from first half the season | Tuimoala Lolohea | - 1.7

    And if you average the ratings to get a team performance

    Best performance in a Win | vs Broncos Rd 13 | 7.6
    Best performance in a Loss| vs Storm Rd 3 | 6.4
    Worst performance in a Win | vs Roosters rd 15 | 5.9
    Worst performance in a Loss | vs Storm Rd 8 | 3.9 (that mark seems generous)

    There were a few weeks where only a few hardy souls voted, but it evens out over the course of the year.
  20. Jay M
    Sep 25, 2012

    Jay M Warriors 1st Grader

    No way. Whole team and coach combined has to be a D or even D-. C- is a pass mark in most courses and D+ is still too high considering what they dished up at the weekend!