Internationals Mal Meninga Wants Return to NZ Tours

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    Oct 31, 2016

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    Mal Meninga wants shorter pre-season, return to NZ tours

    Australia coach Mal Meninga believes no NRL player should take part in more than two pre-season games and wants the Green and golds to tour New Zealand – something that hasn't happened since 1993.

    The record-breaking former national captain – who faces his first Test coaching showdown with Wayne Bennett's England this Sunday – also says he'll walk away from the post if he thinks he's doing a good job but players aren't responding to him.

    While some believe the cashed-up NRL should do more for Australia's opponents, Meninga says: "[It's] about providing better events, getting back to … Kangaroo tours.

    "That's what the 10-year plan is all about … getting three Tests against the English, maybe playing a mini-series against ... not club sides but Lancashire or Yorkshire or a Prime Minister's XIII or on a tour, going to play France when you come over.

    "And it's the same thing going back to a mini-tour of New Zealand, again, where you play three Tests against the Kiwis on their home soil.

    "Leave the financial resources there so they can start to develop their own programs internally.

    "Instead of the National Rugby League giving them money all the time, let's play games. Let's provide some entertainment for them, some events, some programs, tournaments and campaigns. They benefit from that when we go to that particular country."

    Asked how such games could be fit into a crowded schedule, Meninga answered: "If the game thinks the international program is important – and I think it does, at the moment – then let's have a look at the National Rugby League competition and how many rounds we have. Let's have a look at Origin.

    "I personally think the pre-season has to be decreased. If we want a strong international program that allows us to go away…. [you could have] … a maximum number of games each player can play. The clubs have got big squads so you might limit your players to two games during that pre-season, as an example."
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    Apr 14, 2012

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    I like it.

    Give the lower teir nations games against New Zealand A and Australia A as curtain raisers.
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    Sep 1, 2015

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    Scotland have embarrassed the international game, and good on them. There are three international teams, the rest are hybrid granny gates.

    It is about time the power brokers woke up to reality instead of turning on that debacle this morning. I love Davies Park in Huntly and have so many fond memories of there, but there is no way I would take an international game there. That pitch at Workington was probably worse than Davies Park.
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    May 9, 2012

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    maybe slightly off topic but its really about money.

    Some research ive looked into lately.

    NZRL treasure chest: 1million dollars
    NZRU treasure chest: 60 million dollars

    In world cup years the world rugby union compensate countries for their loss in revenue because of less test matches.
    Test match revenue for all blacks 2014 - 16million
    2015 - 4 million in world cup year

    Total revenue NZRL 2015-2016 - 9 million
    Total Revenue NZRU 2015-2016 - 133 million

    The kiwis are struggling to build up enough money for the world cup, hoping perth and the four nations will bring in the goal of 1.1million to help the nzrl and kiwis survive during the world cup.

    How can the NZRL build enough money to run programs and develop the game across the country? Continue playing aussie and england in aussie and england where theres a market for it in brisbane and the heartlands. with the rlif planning on hosting a tournament bi anually we really only have 2 years every four to generate money for ourselves.

    Its all about finding a selling point. a 3 test series annually between kiwis v kangaroos could be a solution, not saying it should be but based on marketing, sales and revenue its an option. an england test series in nz could be another option.

    a domestic league with tv deal? i dont know how and what should be done but it seems our national team will have to find a way of playing more games. an australian tour of new zealand could be great if the NRL pay for the marketing and infrastructure.