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  1. Miket12
    Apr 20, 2012

    Miket12 Warriors 1st Grader

    Or Bluey
  2. Navigator
    May 19, 2012

    Navigator 1st Grade Fringe

    South Sydney just sacked Michael "Madge" Maguire.
    Bring him on as assistant coach
  3. Crusader26
    Oct 2, 2016

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    I'd take Maguire, Hasler or Toovey over Kearney any day.
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  4. ttkk19
    Sep 21, 2013

    ttkk19 1st Grade Fringe

    apparently he's got a job at warrington lined up
  5. runituptheguts
    Apr 22, 2014

    runituptheguts 1st Grade Fringe

    have just heard through the grapevine that fuifui moimoi has passed away.
  6. bruce
    Sep 1, 2015

    bruce Warriors 1st Grader Contributor

    Is that in Canada?
  7. janfin
    May 13, 2012

    janfin 1st Grade Fringe

    Wow that’s so sad if true Far too young
  8. runituptheguts
    Apr 22, 2014

    runituptheguts 1st Grade Fringe

    not too sure about all the details.
  9. Hardyman's Yugo
    Jun 2, 2017

    Hardyman's Yugo 1st Grade Fringe

    Nothing in the news yet
  10. Selector
    Apr 2, 2015

    Selector 1st Grade Fringe

    Landmark international rights deal with Fox Sports

    Source: Link has been hidden. Please Register to view.

    The National Rugby Leaguehas entered into a partnership with Fox Sports Australia to take the NRL to a global audience via a direct to consumer international streaming product, to be known as Watch NRL.

    Rugby League fans living abroad* will be able to follow all the on-field action live throughout the 2018 NRL Telstra Premiership season as a result of the new partnership offering.

    The new international streaming service will be available for round one of the 2018 NRL Telstra Premiership Season.

    Fans will also able to view the Holden State of Origin Series, Australian men's and women's international matches played on home soil and Intrust Super Cup matches.

    NRL Chief Executive Todd Greenberg said the partnership would provide thousands of rugby league fans living or travelling overseas with the opportunity to keep up with their teams' results every week, as well as being able to tune in to watch many other live marquee matches throughout the year.

    "This is a fantastic result for fans outside of Australia and it means that more people will have the chance to watch rugby league live than ever before," Mr Greenberg said.

    "We're fortunate that we have passionate and enthusiastic NRL fans right throughout the world and many of them are just as vocal and committed as our local fans that live where each of our teams are based."

    NRL Head of Strategy David Silverton added: "We are delighted to be partnering with Fox Sports on this initiative, which is simply about providing the opportunity for more fans to watch the highest quality rugby league anywhere in the world.

    "We thank Patrick Delany and his team at Fox Sports for bringing this initiative to life with us and we look forward to increasing world-wide viewership next season and beyond."

    Fox Sports CEO, Patrick Delany, said: "When we negotiated the new NRL broadcast deal in 2015, News Corp committed to helping grow the game in Australia and overseas.

    "In 2018, that promise comes to life when Fox Sports delivers the world's first international NRL streaming service to feature every NRL game plus Fox League's famous entertainment shows – anywhere, anytime live and on demand."

    Users who log on to Watch NRL will be able to choose the way they watch – either from a dedicated website, the Watch NRL mobile or tablet App for iOS or Android or via their TV screens using Airplay or Chromecast.

    Fox Sports have partnered with International Management Group (IMG) to promote the international NRL broadcast rights over the next five years, with FOX SPORTS managing the broadcast rights for the USA and the UK.

    For more information on Watch NRL, including when the streaming service will be available, head to Link has been hidden. Please Register to view..

    * Watch NRL content will only be accessible outside of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Territories.
  11. Wellington Warrior
    May 15, 2012

    Wellington Warrior Warriors 1st Grader

    The footy player others refuse to take the field with speaks out on his exile
    HE’s been branded the most unpopular man in rugby league, an outcast at the two NRL clubs he has played for and currently exiled from the Manly Sea Eagles.

    Jackson Hastings has sought psychological help.

    “It’s about trying to make myself a better bloke to fit into a team environment,” the 22-year-old says in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Telegraph.

    “I’ve got to do what’s best to fit into the team and the culture. I’m trying to change really hard.”

    The Hastings story is unique in that he doesn’t have a reputation as an off-field trouble maker. He’s no Matt Lodge or Todd Carney.

    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    Jackson Hastings: “It can be pretty daunting to be told you’re not wanted by your workmates.” Picture: Chris Pavlich
    Yet during the week Manly coach Trent Barrett dumped Hastings to the NSW Cup second division competition, saying Link has been hidden. Please Register to view..

    Yesterday the former Australian Schoolboys star ran out for the Blacktown Workers in their match against Wyong on the Central Coast. “He does have an issue fitting in with the group,” Barrett said.

    Link has been hidden. Please Register to view.

    “I’ve got 29 other players here and I have to look after them as well.”

    The dramatic move followed a hotel room punch-up with skipper Daly Cherry-Evans after a game in Gladstone two weeks ago.

    The players had been at the Board Room strip club when the trouble began.

    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    Jackson Hastings speaks frankly with reporter Phil Rothfield. Picture: Chris Pavlich
    To be publicly admonished by the coach has had a devastating effect, especially for a bloke who is a loner, living with just his two dogs and female flatmate.

    “You see your face on the back page,” he says. “You’re banished. You’re an outcast. Then another two pages inside. It can be pretty daunting to be told you’re not wanted by your workmates.

    “It’s hard enough if it’s private, but to be played out so publicly in the media every day. I’ve cried.

    “It’s been really upsetting. My mother rings and to hear her sobbing.

    “It doesn’t only affect me, it’s my family. I can wear it but my poor mum hasn’t stopped crying all week.

    “She’s been worried sick about me.”

    The encouragement and reassurance of teammates have at least given him hope that what Barrett said was not entirely correct. “I just locked myself in my house for a couple of days and wouldn’t answer my phone,” he said.

    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    Coach Trent Barrett has had to oversee the controversy.
    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    Hastings clashed with Daly Cherry-Evans. Picture: Phil Hillyard
    “I didn’t want to be even seen in public. But then my teammates started text messaging me. I’ve got about 10 messages. They all said they wanted me back and checking I was OK.”

    On Thursday night the Sea Eagles players had a team dinner at the Manly Grill restaurant in the build-up to today’s match against Parramatta at ANZ Stadium.

    The players encouraged him to go, even though he’d been dumped to Blacktown. He walked in and Cherry-Evans got out of his seat.

    They hugged then shook hands in a scene teammates said was as emotional as it gets. Hastings insists the Cherry-Evans fallout has been blown out of proportion.

    Yesterday Manly fined Cherry-Evans $10,000 for his role in the altercation, saying the behaviour fell “massively short” of the club’s expectations.

    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    Hastings warms up during the match against Parramatta Eels earlier in the season.
    “What happened while we were away happened. We’re grown-ups and I respect him not just as a person but as a player. We both made a poor decision on the night,” Hastings said.

    “The club is bigger than anyone. It’s a stupid mistake and we both apologised.”

    Yet Hastings had problems at the Sydney Roosters too. There were suggestions that he didn’t fit in. That he annoyed teammates and that he was often on the outer, although specific details of his apparent disrespectful behaviour remain a mystery because no one, apart from Barrett, will go on the record.

    Some long-term staff at the Roosters are said to have found Hastings difficult.

    He has been accused of showing a “lack of respect for the senior players” and that tension has spilt over into training sessions.

    At the Roosters, he clashed with Jake Friend and Mitchell Pearce.

    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    At a Roosters recovery session at Bondi Beach. Picture: Jonathan Ng
    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    Hastings’ time with the Roosters was also fraught with tension. Picture: Gregg Porteous
    Some players also say Hastings struggled with the Manly club’s culture of pranking and didn’t respond well to being on the receiving end of team gags.

    When you meet the former junior star it’s hard to understand. He is polite and polished and comes across as a very decent young man.

    “You go to training every day to work on your craft but for me there are things I have to work on off the field as well,” he admits. “I guess team environments are about every single person.

    “The guy I’ve been seeing (his psychologist) has been fabulous. I’m learning more about myself. It wasn’t ideal at the Roosters or the way it finished up. It’s happened twice so there are obviously things I have to tinker with.

    Media has been hidden. Please Register to view.
    “I’m not going to moan or whinge or bitch about it. I’m not going to feel sorry for myself. It’s head down, bum up.” Picture: Chris Pavlich
    “You are who you are and in rugby league there are so many different personalities.

    “We’re all different. The situation I’m in would hurt anyone and to be exposed so publicly, I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to deal with it.”

    Hastings refuses to comment on suggestions Manly officials wanted him out to ease financial pressure after recently being caught blatantly cheating the salary cap to the tune of $1.5 million. In a back-ended two-year contract, he got $100,000 last season and $360,000 this year. It’s why his agent, Sam Ayoub, is watching Manly’s moves closely. And this comment by their chief executive, Lyall Gorman: “If a player chooses not to fit into that (culture) then you have to make cultural decisions.”

    But for now it’s about getting his career back on track. To prove the knockers wrong and to cop his medicine like a man.

    “I guarantee you one thing,” Hastings says. “I’m not going to moan or whinge or bitch about it. I’m not going to feel sorry for myself. It’s head down, bum up.

    “I’ll train as hard as I can and play as well as I can to earn my spot back in the NRL side. It would be disrespectful not to give Blacktown everything I’ve got.”

    Link has been hidden. Please Register to view.
  12. jonno
    Jul 13, 2014

    jonno Warriors 1st Grader

    You gotta love Wikipedia:

    "Jackson Hastings (born 4 January 1996) is an Australian professional Link has been hidden. Please Register to view. footballer who plays for the Link has been hidden. Please Register to view. in the Link has been hidden. Please Register to view.. He is famous for being Australia's leading Connor McGregor impersonator. He is also famous for punching DCE in his huge neck. He plays as a Link has been hidden. Please Register to view. and Link has been hidden. Please Register to view.. He previously played for the Link has been hidden. Please Register to view.."
  13. matiunz
    Jul 15, 2013

    matiunz Warriors 1st Grader

    There’s always guys in your team you may not like but you put up with it for the team, for players to ostracise a team member (even if he is annoying) in a professional environment is pretty bitchy and schoolboy shit imo
  14. BeastMode
    Mar 7, 2015

    BeastMode Warriors 1st Grader

    22yr old earning $360K a year?

    Dam that’s good coin...
  15. brightman
    May 18, 2012

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    Wow wee, Australian sook factor rears its head yet again..