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    Mar 30, 2012

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    This website was created by a small, diverse, yet likeminded group of Warriors and Rugby League fans. The site was born out of a frustration at the nature of other Warriors fan forums which focused on mass market appeal, and where good discussion would easily get lost in the day-to-day noise. What we saw was a gap in the market for an "adult" site where users could share information and opinions in a constructive environment - while still preserving the "fun factor".

    We are an unashamedly "quality over quantity" forum, and our end goal is to be the premier source of Warriors user-driven content on the web. We welcome users from any background, and with any point of view, who are willing to discuss and debate rationally. Freedom of speech and expression (within reason) are a cornerstone of the forum. Expect everyone to be given an equal amount of rope to hang themselves with!

    On the other hand, we shun immature spammers and trolls. Whilst some may question the R16 user policy, we have decided that it is the best way to send a message over the type of culture we want to preserve here. For those young readers who dont quite make the cut yet, we'd certainly still like to see you one day.

    What we can promise though is an engaged and active administration that will help shape a Warriors fan centre that all members can be proud of.

    Please see the Forum Etiquette sticky in this section for further information.

    - The NZWF Admin and Moderation Team
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Thread Status:
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