How 2016 will go for…the Raiders

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    You would have to be an idiot to try and predict how a season will go for a team before a ball is even kicked. Luckily we have those in abundance here at Here is our bold, and probably completely wrong, guess at how season 2016 will go for the Canberra Raiders.

    Coach Ricky Stuart assembled a tidy squad for 2016, with a big well-balanced forward pack complimented well by the arrival of halfback Aidan Sezer.

    The big difference for the Raiders this year was added depth throughout their squad, which meant they coped better when injuries hit.

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    Our prediction: Added depth helps Canberra to 8th place. Credit:

    Sezer led the side around the park well, while out on the edge Elliot Whitehead had a good first year in the NRL.

    Canberra didn’t have the toughest start to the year and took full advantage with some early victories, in the end doing enough to qualify for the finals.

    Where they finished: 8th

    Best player: Aidan Sezer

    Best NRL Fantasy player: Shaun Fensom

    Best recruit: Aidan Sezer

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