Warriors interested in Women’s Premiership

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    The NRL will make history with the launch of a Women’s Premiership next year, with the New Zealand Warriors expressing interest in joining the proposed six-team competition. (Main photo: NRLPhotos).

    It follows the success of the Women’s Rugby League World Cup, with plans also revealed which will see New Zealand host a Test against the Australian Jillaroos and a women’s State of Origin match played.

    David Skipwith of the NZ Herald reports Warriors chief executive Cameron George has been in contact with the NRL to request further details.

    “It would be fantastic for the Warriors to be a part of a women’s competition,” George told the NZH.

    “It would be fantastic for our fan base, for our corporate partnerships, the club in general, and it would be great for rugby league in New Zealand.

    “I’ve contacted the NRL to understand more about what a proposed competition would be like and I’m just waiting on their feedback.

    “Once I understand what that is we can then give it serious consideration.”

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  1. matiunz
    Again nice in theory but what it ends up being a drain on finances rather than adding to them.
    Suspect the Warriors women’s team will do relatively well as it will essentially be a kiwi ferns team against club teams.
    May come across as sexist but in reality the standard is not up to the same level as the men’s (due to biology not resources) and this will essentially replace the under 20s with little to no interest (comparatively)
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  2. Jimi Jones
    Nice idea

    Yes we will probably do well due to population size an one team
    Blah blah

    But it will end up being subsidized as attendances will suck
    The games at the world cup were almost empty
    It holds no interest to me an if people where honest an not
    Trying to be PC they would admit it .
    Good on the girls that played .they did well an the footy
    Wasn't to bad .I watched the highlights .But it holds as much interest as men's netball ..Zero to me any way ..I do prefer woman's tennis to men's as a spectator
    Sport .how ever
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